About Us

Our vision

Imagine a day without receiving or needing to make sales calls...

Buyful is the first “market network” - a revolutionary B2B marketplace where small businesses can connect with each other on a secured and private platform for everyday business transactions.

Buyful Marketplace enables you, a small business owner or a manager, buyer or supplier, to complete every purchase or sale of products, materials or services, online.
You can do it with all your existing customers or suppliers and even grow your business with their trusted referrals.

When you buy you can:

When you supply you can:

Buyful is a private company located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and is led by experienced entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

Founding Team

Seth L.
Has our back covered...
The real enabler at the back-end.

Michelle Z.
Always one step ahead, reading your mind for the next click.

David Y.
The technical idea man...
Keeps our architecture lean, fast and efficient.

Scott S.
Keeps all bytes working together
and the wagon moving forward

Geoff B.
Mr. Social, the business way.
Writes and blogs, just for you!

David B.
Small businesses
are in his blood. The captain of the ship.
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